Meat Toaster Giveaway!

Hey there, lovelies! Remember the Meat Toaster from this video?

It’s a Presto Vertical Broiler circa 1971. 🔥 It’s been used just once (for the video), but now it needs to find a good home.

If you want it, I’m giving it away. 🥳

Drop a comment to this post below and I’ll pick one lucky winner. 🍀

Happy meat toasting! 🥩


Meat Toaster Giveaway Update

Thanks for all of your comments, lovelies! Who knew so many people would want a meat toaster!? 😆

And the winner is…. Cecile ([email protected]) Yay!! 🥩🥳

I also have a couple of consolation prizes which will be going to Rob Romera & Crystal Dama. 🔥🔥

Winners: I will be reaching out to you via email for your mailing addresses. TY!!!

417 thoughts on “Meat Toaster Giveaway!”

  1. OMG this is a heck yes! I found my creativity and my passion in the kitchen and now I am teaching my youngest son, and we both thought this was the coolest! I hope we win, what an awesome gadget!

  2. This looks so awesome! I love your videos and your kind and genuine nature! Please never stop being you 💜

  3. That seemed like such a crazy idea, however some of the greatest inventions began as mistakes or accidents. Go figure!

  4. Emmy! I’ve been an avid YouTube subscriber and fan for many years now. I’ve purchased vintage gadgets, fruity fruits, and Japanese candy making kits as inspired by your videos. I love them and truly do learn something in each one! It’s so fun when that knowledge comes in handy in real life. If I win the meat toaster, I’ll be gifting it to my fiancé who will adore it and use it daily (he’s a big time carnivore)! Thank you for everything❤️ Toodaloo, take care, bye!!

  5. I would love a chance to try out this super cool toaster. I’ve loved you and your uplifting content for years. You’re the best!

  6. It is cold in Minnesota, and our Thanksgiving plans were just ruined by some positive covid news in the house. Nobody needs a meat toaster more than my meat-toasterless family…
    Love your stuff

  7. How much furniture would be to have this! My boyfriend and his roommates would get so much use out of it 😅

  8. I would absolutely love to have this! Even if I don’t win, I appreciate you doing this giveaway 🥰

  9. I would love to pair this with my vintage better homes and gardens fondue book and pot! Love being able to see you test interesting gadgets!

  10. What a fun gadget to add to my kitchen! I’m hoping that I’m the lucky winner so I can brag that I won it from Emmymade!

  11. I love watching your vintage kitchen appliance review videos, and this meat broiler is up there with the outdated gadgets you’ve tested in the past. Can’t wait to possibly do my own tests with it 🙂

  12. I love how absurd this seems and yet how actually practical it is at the same time. Also it reminds me of the broilers in Japanese kitchens designed to cook fish quickly; I wish those were more common in other places because they are so convenient!

  13. Your videos are my husbands and I’s favorite thing to watch at the end of the day. It brings us joy and happiness and melts our stress away. Thank you for making them and thank you for being you.

  14. Meat toaster!
    I like meat and I like toasters.

    This is going to be used in my house like a good therapy candle would.

    Mmmmmm 🤤

  15. Yes!! Are you kidding me?! I would be the envy of my neighborhood. Move over George Foreman – you don’t hold a candle to the power of the meat toaster of 1971!

  16. Never heard of a meat toaster til you posted! It would look so nice in my vintage kitchen! 💚

  17. My husband is hard to shop for and the steak cooker in our home. I am a recycler to the fullest and hate to buy anything new. This would be the perfect holiday gift. 🥩 🎁 💝

  18. I simply love your videos. you definitely inspire me to try new and different foods
    I’m in aww with the foods you taste and cook. Thank you!

  19. Dear Emmy, I love cooking and watching and being inspired by your cooking videos and Instagram. A vertical toaster seems so cool!!! I have so many ideas of things I would like to toast vertically like chicken thighs with potato below to catch the drippings! 🍗🥔

  20. Would be honored to try this! I’ve also got the old hotdog electrocution cooker which I think is by presto… Love me some vintage kitchen gadgets!! My 4 boys and I thrift and test items for fun on weekends. Crazy the things you can find out there!

  21. Yay! I’d love the meat toaster!!! And I love your videos! My mother-in-law loves you too!!!👏🏽😄💕

  22. I love vintage toasters! I would totally put everything in this just to see how it goes. Sandwiches, leftover pizza, frozen taquitos, kbbq? 👀 🥪🍕🥓🥩🌭

  23. Pick me, I would love to have one of your vintage gadgets 😍 Thank you for all you do! Love from Fresno, CA

  24. Hello Miss Emmy!! I would love to win this vintage meat toaster!! It’s one year older than my high school graduation year!!
    Thank you for the opportunity!!
    Random winner
    Kari wempe

  25. This lovely is praying that Queen Lovely will pick her for this lovely meat toaster! Love love love !!!

  26. That would be so cool to show off to my friends and family!! I watch your content daily to decompress after a long day of teaching, you’re the best!!

  27. Hi Emmy and everybody else! I’d love to win this meat toaster and give it a new home! Happy Friday y’all!

  28. I’d love to have it! I have a small collection of vintage kitchen gadgets thanks to watching your videos!

  29. My father loves his T-bones but he doesn’t have a way to cook them right now. This toaster would enable him to still enjoy his steak. I’d love to be able to surprise him with it.

  30. Leave a comment. That’s easy. But I want to say thanks for this opportunity!! And good luck everyone!!!! 🥩🥩🥩🥩

  31. Leave a comment. That’s easy. But I want to say thanks for this opportunity!! And good luck everyone!!!! 🥩🥩🥩🥩 now I want steak 😂😂

  32. This meat toaster is what I need right now, especially for my upcoming Thanksgiving dinner that I’m hosting. I would love this meat toaster for future events as well! Hope y’all are having a wonderful day or evening.

  33. Yessss! I want it for me & my family!!! We would get so much use out of it because we’re on a carnivore diet!! 🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩 Hi Emmy!!!

  34. Me! I need this! I love vintage kitchen tools! They were built to last. My favorite item is an electric juicer from the 60’s!

  35. I showed it to my hubby and son. Their mouth starts watering – contemplating all the meat we can cook on it. YES, PLEASE!

  36. Hi, I’d love this! My family makes steak far too often so this would definitely be a great novelty product to put into everyday use to streamline the process!

  37. emmy!!! i loved this video! all the unique kitchen gadgets you find are the best!! just to have this as a souvenir to your video would be the best<3

  38. omg yes! I’d love this for my boyfriend he loves loves loves steak. This would totally make his day well entire life really. 🥩

  39. Hey again, my name is still Bee and I’m interested in the meat toaster it would be neat I like the color

  40. oooh this would be so awesome!!! My niece and I watch your videos together and this would be awesome to share with her!!!

  41. Hi Emmy. I’d love to be the chosen one for this unique meat toaster oven. Thanks for reading. ☺️❤️

  42. Katarzyna Lapczyk

    Omg, I leave in Copenhagen the capitol of Vikings, my inner alpha needs it NOW, Awrrrr!!, please 🇩🇰😅

  43. I’m here to support the content. think it would be cool to get the toaster do on or two crazy things with it then let Emmy pass it on to the next follower.

  44. I would gift this to my dad. He is a carnivore that loves grilling and making meats in creative ways!

  45. Manuel Guadalupe Thompson Jr.

    That’s an awesome idea toasted steak ! would go great with two eggs hash browns and toast with butter no pun intended !!

  46. would love to give this to my father…he would loooove it!!! how awesome! pick me! pick me! pick me!!! 💯♥️🤗🥩

  47. My other half is a non cooking meat and potatoes eater. he needs a meat toaster to hopefully make his own food.

  48. Hello Lovely back at you!!! What a totally cool vintage item! Might have to think about a fridge the same colour to match !!!😜😳😊 Hmmm winning could be super fun!

  49. i work as a butcher at a whole animal butcher shop and I bring up the meat toaster all the time. I would love to be able to bring it to the shop…. and my birthday was yesterday…. just saying

  50. oh my goodness, the amount of meat I would toast in this thing 😂 I don’t know why but I feel like this could make cooking even more fun

  51. I love vintage kitchen gadgets! This would be a nice addition to my collection. Thanks and keep on cooking.

  52. I would live to win that awesome meat toaster! I have had many kitchen accessories throughout my 72 years…but this is wonderful!

  53. I would love I! I collect vintage kitchen appliances and use them. If an item needs repairs or to make it safe, I do that. The early appliances were so much better than those today and they connect me to my growing up. 😄

  54. in all ways yes. I would love to have as an early Christmas present. it also matches my childhood kitchen.

  55. Hello Emmy,

    Wow, honestly, this is the first time I’ve heard and seen about a meat toaster, hope and pray that I will win this piece and thank you so much for letting me know and thank you also for always sharing your recipes. Stay safe and healthy. God bless.

  56. Love you, love your videos! Your content is very informative and original! Have learned a lot with your chickens.

  57. Oh heck yes! And that would be just the start! If I hit this I would start a collection! I also want a meat mixer, a meat ice cream maker, a meat blender and a meat Bundt pan!

  58. I was gonna air fry a steak tonight. But ending up seeing Black Panther Wakanda Forever. tomorrow I will. This leaves me time to dry brine it.

  59. I’ve never seen an appliance this fantastic beef-ore! it meats all the criteria for a very handy kitchen gadget…. make no mis-steak, I have other useful kitchen items, but this is upper crust!!!! 😉

  60. How exciting!! My kiddo and I watch your videos every week. 😊 he requests to watch them like they’re his favorite show lol

  61. So many comments! This would be awesome to have to toast meats in a unique fashion! Here to hoping I win! Thanks Emmy for doing this !

  62. Hi Emmy!!! I would love a steak toaster! Lol This would be a cool gadget to have in the kitchen! 😊 🥩

  63. A steak toaster!???! And it’s vintage??? What not to love about a gadget that can cook you some steak?!!? Lol 😊

  64. Hi Emmy! Love all your videos and content! I would just love to take that steak toaster off your hands! Lol ☺️🥩

  65. Finally something that can improve my morning routine with. can’t wait to wake up pop my steaks in the toaster, than go off to make my tea while I wait 💖.

  66. I’ve been searching for a meat toaster like my uncle had..the flavor of a well toasted steak is outta this world. .and the AVACADO coloring is a perfect match to my current kitchen decor… Fingers Crossed . Happy Holidays to all .

  67. I was born in The early sixties and I thought I remember most of the unusual 70’s gadgets but this right here is something special. Ummm toasted meat

  68. Hey Emmy! Why not a meat toaster, sounds cool to me. I was around in 1971 but I missed that one. Love it and love you and all you do!

  69. A meat toaster! Of course I need this in my life! Perfect for empty nesters I’m sure…. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  70. With the passing of my grandpa this year. Holidays are much harder for the first time without him. With this, I promise to give to my mom who’s struggling to stay strong some days but still fighting for us to celebrate no matter what. She would kill for this and I would love to gift it for Christmas. Thanks Emmy for your kind spirit and I hope you have a blessed holiday season. ❤️

  71. Hey Emmy, It’s so awesome of you to give the meat toaster away to a viewer. I am single and have lost 55 lb doing Keto so a device like this would be perfect for me. Not to mention how cool it would look on my counter!

  72. I was 22 when this came out, with a two-year-old daughter! I don’t remember ever having seen it. Wonder if it would nwork for cauliflower steaks?

  73. My goodness that would be heaven to have. It house was built in 1919 and we collect vintage appliances and cooking tools that we USE!
    Love your videos!

  74. Hello Emmymade I just want to say that I love your videos!! My favorite part is how you describe things and your style of communication. I used to tell my best friend that I felt I was tasting or smelling something just as you. My children and I love watching you show us things about your culture/heritage that are always so great and interesting. The meat toaster sounds amazing to have but I would give it to my grandmother if I were picked. I really just wanted to say Hello! Thank you and Please do not stop making videos. It’s a BOFA for some of us!

  75. I Wouk’s love to win this! We are not allowed to have grills where I live, and this would be so great to have!

  76. I Wouk’s love to win this! We are not allowed to have grills where I live, and this would be so great to have!

  77. I just think it’d be incredible to win a give away from THE EmmyMade. git my boyfriend to watch your YouTube videos years ago when we first started dating ahaha

  78. I adore all your content Emmy! Keep up all the incredible work you do! I love learning from you!

  79. Awesome! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one before.

    Maybe I have and just can’t remember…..

    Thank you so much for this chance. Really appreciate it.

  80. I know that it’s unlikely that I’ll be picked. But I’m trying anyways because my families going through a lot of problems roght now, in a lot of areas of our lives, and this would actually help us with at least some of the problems when it comes to cooking.

  81. This is fantastic! My daughter is vegetarian and I’m the meat eater in the house. No having to “meat up” a pan is a awesome idea!!! Love you Em watch you every day.

  82. Emmy we love watching your videos. my husband would love to have something like this. he’s the only one in the house who eats steak🤭

  83. This definitely looks intriguing, but I am getting hungry thinking about a juicy crusty ribeye ❤️👄❤️

  84. Oh my this would be amazing to win! My son is starting to cook (amazingly by the way) and if we won this he would be tickled pink!

  85. 😂 omg I need this!!! I can prove to everyone I can cook now ❤️❤️❤️😭👩🏻‍🍳🥩

  86. I LOVE vintage everything! I went looking for the Coney Island hot dog machine after seeing you cook with it as well as several other cool gadgets. Happy Thanksgiving!

  87. I have the best time watching your videos! I’ve bought so many neat products because of them and I look forward to seeing more of your fascinating cooking tutorials in 2023! Love your content!

  88. um, yes please. I simply suck at cooking steak. ok, I am great at when I have an outdoor grill, but condo life doesn’t allow them. This is too cool. [Heads to Google.]

  89. I can only imagine the joy of being able to toast my steak in the morning along with frying up my eggs. I’m in!

  90. Crap!!! Did I miss it?!?! How could I not KNOW THESE EXISTED??!! I’m right here Emmy dear 👋🏾☺️

  91. This would be amazing to have . I love your videos and your personality is so sweet and bubbly you just make me smile . You even got me and my daughter saying ” eat the ducky moss ” every time we eat .

  92. What a great conversation starter. This is fantastic and I would love to try out different cuts of steak in the vintage beauty.

  93. I’m from India and we have a variety of spices for meat but not a toaster. This would be lovely

  94. Meat Toaster?!? Woohoo I would stop getting fussed at for putting items in the toaster “not meant for the toaster” as everyone says. Ha!

  95. First I think this is SO cool, secondly I hope I get it!
    But whoever gets it may they enjoy as you have! Ciao

  96. Hai Emmy! Love from India <3
    Love your positivity and yummy foods..!!! Not sure if I would be eligible for the giveaway. Nevertheless, here we go!!! Wieeee

  97. Oooh, if there’s still al chance, please count me in! It’d make a great “slightly newer” addition to the rest of my “mid-century modern” kitchen!

  98. Hi – I love watching your videos! I would make so much use of the meat toaster! I think it’s neat that it’s from the year I was born! 😊

  99. Emmy, you’re amazing! I love your videos and I would love a meat toaster! We just bought a side of beef and need to cook some steaks!

  100. love your videos!!! A meat toaster isnt something you come across every day. definitely would be a great conversation point with people over.

  101. Hey Brenda! Thanks for chiming in. 🙌🏻 I already selected a winner, but if I don’t hear back from them, I’ll keep you in mind. — Emmy

  102. Hey Crystal, you didn’t win the meat toaster, but I do have a consolation prize for you! Please check your email, os i can get it out to you. — Emmy

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