Vicarious Calories Never Tasted So Good


I'm curious about food and hope that you are too.

Whether it's trying to figure out how to reverse engineer a Unicorn Frappuccino; finding out what a giant centipede tastes like; testing As Seen on TV gadgets; tasting army rations in the field; or making breakfasts from around the world, I wanna know the science and history of the foods we make and eat.


What i do


A big part of what I do is recipe-test odd, obscure, or technically challenging recipes. In my Hard Times series, I recreate dishes from times of scarcity and want such as those made in the Great Depression or during wartime. In my Jello series, I make retro salads and aspics gleaned from mid-century cookbooks and magazines. If you'd like to suggest a recipe for me to try, please click on the link below to get started.

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Contact me


200 Middle Highway #145, Barrington, RI 02806


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