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A turducken roulade.

A Manageable Turducken

Turducken Roulade This is the manageable form of turducken. ovenstove topshallow oven-proof pan or rimmed baking sheetbutcher's twine 1 turkey breast1 chicken breast1 duck breast1 tsp. Kosher …
A salmon rice bowl topped with sliced avocado and nori seaweed.

The TikTok Salmon Bowl

This TikTok recipe went viral and its tasty simplicity makes it easy to understand why. Easy Leftover Salmon Rice Bowl This TikTok recipe went viral and its …
Chocolate cake with chocolate icing with slice removed.

Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake recipe comes from the Roald Dahl book Revolting Recipes. Now of course the chocolate cake featured in this recipe is not itself …
A golden brown homemade McDonald's apple pie on a grey plate.

Easy McDonald’s Apple Pie

This recipe for McDonald’s apple pie was inspired by one I spotted on TikTok. Homemade McDonald’s Apple Pie Here's how to make McDonald's apple pie at …


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