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Taking BIG Bites – What Food Can Teach Us!

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Pouring an egg into a tomato.

Cooking An Egg In A Tomato

How to Cook An Egg In A Tomato Here's how to cook an egg inside of a tomato. oven 3 tomatoes (medium-sized)3 eggs3 tbsp. green onions …
Pie with dark chocolate swirls and a light crust.

Mennonite Funny Cake Pie

What’s so funny about this cake? IS it a cake? Or pie should I say? Well, for starters, the layers magically reverse while baking. That’s …

Chocolate Jelly

This recipe inspiration comes from the YouTube channel Schnelle Rezepte, which asks “Do you have milk and chocolate?” And: “Delicious dessert! NO flour and NO …
Japanese milk bread in a cube shape.

Japanese Milk Bread Cube

Milk Bread Cube Fluffy and rich milk bread baked in the shape of a perfect cube. oven10 cm square Pullman loaf pan Paste25 g. bread flour40 …
No-bake chocolate cake with layers of chocolate biscuits and cream cheese/dulce de leche.


This popular and easy-to-make dessert from Argentina is a no-bake cake made from chocolate biscuits called Chocolinas. Calling for only four ingredients, you’ll be able …
A golden brown pull a part Korean garlic cheese bread.

Pull-Apart Garlic Cheese Bread

I love street food from around the world. And if you’ve been watching my videos and reading my posts here, you know that I particularly …


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