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Taking BIG Bites – What Food Can Teach Us!

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2-ingredient everything bagels on a cooling rack.

2-Ingredient Bagels

With just 2 ingredients and 30 minutes you’ve got bagels. 30-Minute Bagels With just 2 ingredients and 30 minutes you've got bagels. oven 1⅓ C. self-rising flour (or …
Cheesecake on a white plate topped with cookie crumbles and slice strawberries.

Easy Ice Cream Cheesecake

Melted Ice Cream Cheesecake A cheesecake made with melted ice cream. microwavetoaster ovenparchment paperaluminum foil Cheesecake8 oz. cream cheese2/3 C. vanilla ice cream (melted)3 tbsp. …
A bowl of everything bagel seasoning ramen with green onions in a white bowl.

Everything Bagel Instant Ramen

Try switching up your ramen game with this simple homemade sauce and a little everything bagel shakity-shake. Everything Bagel Seasoning Instant Ramen Noodles Try switching up your …
A plate of toffee coated cheese puffs on a white plate

Coyote Poop | Candied Cheetos®

This recipe for coyote droppings, or coyote poop, was brought to my attention by anykinesnax on Instagram. A delicious snack, it nicely balances the savoriness …
A grey plate with puffy round cornstarch cookies.

3-Ingredient Melt Away Cookies | Sequihos

Melt Away Cornstarch Cookies These buttery melt-in-your-mouth cookies contain only 3 ingredients, perfect for whipping something sweet in a jiffy. oven 8 tbsp. salted butter (softened)1/2 …


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