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Instant Pot ZONGZI 粽子

#Zongzi, or joong as my brother and I called them growing up, are my FAVORITE and for years I have dreamed about making them, but feared the process to be too daunting. I've read that an #InstantPot can cook zongzi in a fraction of the time, so it's time we do this!

1 package of bamboo leaves  


5 C. glutinous/sweet/sticky rice 

2 T. low-sodium soy sauce  

2 t. salt  

1 t. msg 



1 lb. pork belly, cut into 1"x 11/2" pieces 

2 t. low-sodium soy sauce 

1/2 t. sugar  

2 t. shaoxing wine 

1/2 t. salt 

1/2 t. white pepper 

1/2 t.  1 t. oil  

1/2 C. water, added during cooking   

2/3 C. raw Chinese peanuts 

3, Chinese sausages, cut into 1/2"x 11/2" pieces 

kitchen twine

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